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Inclusive Board Game day is about to launch! Our first event is today at 2pm. I'm so nervous!

Con Summary

May. 2nd, 2016 08:31 pm
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Much fun
Many hugs
New friends
Successful party
Did a thing that was scary.
Loved so many peoples.

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Crossposted from my FB:

An exciting (but lengthy) announcement:

If you're in the gaming community - at least my gaming community - you probably know that there's some...problematic things in gaming culture. A big thing is that often, women don't feel welcome at gaming events because they're harassed, threatened, ignored, condescended to...you get the idea.
Recently a tumblr post has been making the rounds, entitled "Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorist Problem" and I just couldn't take it any more. I got angry - furious - reading about a woman who put up with sexual assault, rape threats, and harassment just because she wanted to game with other people. Because she wanted to be part of the gaming *community.*

If you think this isn't a local problem, at a recent gaming event attended by my wonderful spouse she overheard a male player in a different group saying misogynistic and degrading things about women - loudly. He was the only one doing it that she noticed, but no one stopped him or challenged him. A room full of mostly men silently allowed that behavior. Any woman there (she could count them on one hand and still have some change) would have received the message: we would rather you feel unwelcome than make us feel uncomfortable by speaking out. Qui tacet consentire videtur, "he who is silent is taken to agree."

If we want this to change, we have to change it. The best way I could think of to act was to host an event for women - or one that was at least safe for women - in my hometown. I reached out to local game store Fun4All on Carpenter Road and they enthusiastically responded to my proposal of a monthly gaming group for women that's open to anyone who wants a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming gaming community.

The inaugural event will be May 14th from 2-6pm at Fun4ALL. Emphasis on the ALL, y'all.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Facebook Event!
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I have just had this brilliant thought about how some people who appropriate from another culture are similar to some people who are pro-life: they only care about the output of a culture and not the people of the culture itself. Rather like how many pro-life people really love them babbies up until they're out of the womb and need care.

Cultural appropriation is a really difficult and nuanced topic and I really cant even begin to break it down here, but there are two things I came across today that I love.


And this specific part of a comment on that piece:

If you are not part of a culture, but have appointed yourself the guardian of that culture, you have committed the greatest appropriation of all. You've taken that culture as your own, for the purposes of moderating its use. That is a show of power over the culture itself, and implies that the people within the culture need your help. We do not, or we will ask. If you see racism, by all means, say something- but do not take it upon yourself to police all use of culture as racism. These are different-but-related concepts, and the lines get blurred. All I ask is that people make more of an effort to curtail the cultural lording, because you are taking our culture itself away from us, not just our outfits and traditions.
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This year is big for Gemini. Most of the major astrological influences of 2016 will have their eyes on you. Gemini is the missing link to the very mischievous mutable magical madness that will define this year. That means that you will get many an opportunity to make the most of your dexterous ways. This year will require you to bend and sway with the best of them. But the trick will be to keep your core intact. It will help if you keep yourself organized and on point with your own personalized program. It will help if you think of the ways in which you can best set yourself so that you get what you need out of your day. It would help if, at the end of each day, you made a list of what you did that day for self-care. Such a list could include what you ate that helped you, how you moved, stretched, exercised, meditated, who you spoke to that helped you heart get back on track and anything else that you did that day that had you feeling like you were on a path to self-love and self-forgiveness. Do your spiritual sit-ups. Engage in any activity that helps you find stability in the vicissitudes of the year. Your ability to do so will become a prized possession, a skill that others will keep asking you to teach them, and another way that you get to teach what you most need to learn. Others might be calling on you a lot this year and over the next month. As Venus moves into your 7th house of intimate relationships and commitment issues/opportunities, you may bear witness to some things in your most intimate relationships that you simply are not willing to put up with any longer. You’ll also notice those you want to commit to making more room for. This is ground you will cover countless times this year, so no need to be 1000% clear here. Just start paying attention to what catches yours. - See more at: http://chaninicholas.com/happy-new-year-horoscopes-for-the-week-of-december-28th/?utm_source=Chani%27s+Email+LIst&utm_campaign=639266bf8f-Horoscopes_Dec_21WinterSolstice_12_21_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f44e3bfd4b-639266bf8f-132387953#sthash.yIvIPaUA.dpuf
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I celebrate Christmas, which could be considered odd as I'm not Christian and I suppose you could say I'm a bit of an agnostic pagan these days. Still, I love Christmas - the actual Christ-is-in-it-Christmas - because it's about a baby. A BABY. All over the world, a great lot of people stop for a day to acknowledge the birth of a child.

Yes, I know that for many folks the main attraction is that the baby was Jesus. Not for me. For me, it's that we're celebrating a new life, creating a divinely-inspired metaphor for new hope in the world. Here is this baby, helpless and recently covered in life-sustaining goop, and we recognize that he is very important. We've all been that new life. That little baby surrounded by family and friends and livestock is all of us, bringing with our first breaths an opportunity to know more, care more, understand more, love more.

Christmas reminds me about what is most important: making a better world for all of the generations to come. Making it kinder, making it more welcoming to the new lives being brought into our shared existence every second. Creating a humankind that we haven't yet figured out how to achieve. One day, they will. I believe that. Peace on earth, goodwill to all.
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Our company sent out a "what to do in the event of an active shooter" guide this morning.

Happy Holidays, America.
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A friend turned me on to Chani Nicholas, particularly her horoscopes. I'm not a horoscope believer, but her words are so kind and insightful. They're good for any time.

Here's mine for this week:

This week your relationship issues remain under the spotlight. Not that these issues will ever end mind you. There is no finish line. There isn’t anywhere to go. There is no prize to attain.

Except self-awareness. Self-knowledge. Self-reflection. Accountability. And a deeper experience of living your life.

So settle in. I know it’s tough when we are in the belly of our loneliness. I know our pain becomes too tender to touch sometimes when we face (what appears to be) the rejection of another. I know that this can come from lovers, friends, family members, the bank teller or any other innocent (or not) bystander.

But there is no way to birth the self without being broken open.

You are not alone in this process. It is the human experience. It is beautiful. It is fragile. It is harrowing. It is real. It is the only game in town.

Accompanying ourselves through it is a profound honor. This week could very well allow you to have a newfound appreciation for the complexities of the heart, yours and everyone else’s.

- See more at: http://chaninicholas.com/mars-square-pluto-horoscopes-for-the-week-of-november-30th/#sthash.FV2hquPV.dpuf
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I am slowly but surely doing this connecting thing. Slowly.

It's good.


Sep. 18th, 2015 09:07 am
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This has been such a long week. I changed my work schedule so I can make it to my twice weekly art class, which means getting up earlier. But I've not been able to go to bed earlier to balance it out so I'm all kinds of tired.

Add to that a board meeting (which made Wednesday run from 6am until 8:15pm without any kind of break between work/class/meeting) and late gaming last night...I feel like I've been hit by a truck. When I got home last night I went to bed for a nap just to make it through gaming. Then I fell asleep in the recliner before hauling my butt to bed around 12:30.

Tonight is Creatopia, and then I will sleep as long as I want into Saturday.
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There's much more content to this LJ than what is set to public.

I'm normally happy to add new and interesting people to my list for reading. If you want to read my entries, please comment.
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What a fantabulous few days. I'm having trouble remembering Friday (just because my memory is awful) but I know that we sat out on our deck for a good long while and that night we went to a fire pit. Saturday we gamed a bit, went to check on a cat, enjoyed delicious food at the Wurst Bar in Ypsi, and went out on the deck for the fireworks in our neighborhood. SO MANY. We also set off our two paper lanterns after seeing so many others in the sky.

Sunday we did much housework, and later in the evening we played a couple of games.

It was a good time.

Oh! And there were donuts from Dom's!
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What a delightful weekend.  It involved cake and games and sun and people and art and tawook and gifts and creating.  What more could I possibly ask for?

New prized possession(s): Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment, ice cream freezer containers, ice cream recipe books (including vegan)

I saw Frida's work, up close and personal, at the DIA on Saturday. I'm still processing it. I am ever so grateful that Kelley gives gifts that are profound experiences as well as delightful material things.

One of the takeaways from the DIA is that Kahlo's work was inherently feminist. She was a flawed human being (so...a human being) and she knew pain and loss intimately. She also put all of that right onto canvas for people to see. Nothing, or very little, hidden. Her subjects were so frequently women enduring some awful event (including herself and her many ailments). I declined to listen to the psychoanalysis provided by the DIA. Instead, I let the work speak for itself. It is entirely capable of doing so.

In short: it was a pilgrimage.
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Put together SO MUCH FURNITURE. It being Mothers Day weekend I didn't know if it would just be me and Kelley, but happily we had some pals who were free and they crazily wanted to come over and sweat in the sun while also being drenched by rain to help us construct a table and some chairs. In this, we are very fortunate.

But now the deck is pretty much set. We'll have to get some repairs done for it soon, maybe even later this summer, but I don't want to think about that for now. I just want to enjoy it.

The next 30 days-ish will be super busy with shows and grant proposals and what-not, capped off by a family visit with Mamacita and the girls. So excited. Then mid-June there's a weekend of just relaxing out of town, then my birthday, then...I think maybe after that it might just be quiet for a while. And that sounds about perfect.
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To have stewardship over a piece of land, even a small piece, is incredible. To have trees, birds, squirrels, and plants to get to know and provide for is exciting and delightful. Because we moved in October there wasn't much time to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings and now I feel like the patch of land that we've settled on, our toft, has put on a new frock. I imagine that it is as excited to say hello and get to know us as I am about introducing myself. Hello, tree! You are beautiful!

I anthropomorphize and I'm unapologetic about it.

Kelley bought a hummingbird feeder and that's been put out back, though we've yet to see any hummingbirds. Hopefully soon. This weekend (in addition to rehearsal and probably doing some grant writing) there will be much assembly of umbrellas and patio furniture. I look so forward to spending even more time in the boundaries of our little toft and learning how it works.
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I've mentioned here before that I'm someone who watches ASMR videos because they help me calm my anxiety, relax me, etc. That's what they are meant to do. The people who make them are typically really giving, kind people. They are also, well, people.

One of them, a woman known as Springbok, left her channel. I'm scared for her. She has her own mental illness to contend with and the trolls and people just *needing* her so much have just pushed her too far. She posted a farewell video but it has been made private. I'm including the transcript in full. It shows her beautiful spirit and also the horrible way that internet trolls and people without boundaries treat content creators like robots.

The transcript is behind the cut. It's one of the most terrible and beautiful things I've read. I am scared that her mental illness may take her completely. I hope not. I hope not.

Transcript )
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Three of my favorite ASMRtists have collaborated to produce an upcoming...something. Either a single video or a series, or something. ASMR is something I turn to that helps with my stress and anxiety management, and it's been helping me with depression also.

Anyway, this is just the little teaser trailer. I can't wait for the whole thing.

(ASMR isn't for everyone; some people have a reaction that is definitely negative, some don't feel anything at all, but I feel at least a little bit of tingly and a lot of relaxation.)
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- my spending has been out of control lately so I'm going back to cash-only economy (car fuel being the only exception) for the foreseeable future. Granted, it's been stuff for the house and that's great but I need to reign it in.

- C and the girls are coming to visit this summer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KERMIT ARMS!! We can start planning and HAVE I MENTIONED I AM EXCITED? Greenfield Village, Creatopia, and just hanging out. YAY!!!
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I've been holding my breath all day because my sister-friend was in surgery to check out a potentially malignant thyroid tumor. The initial news is that it favors benign, which is AWESOME. We will know for sure after lab results. I'm crying in relief and hoping it holds true.


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