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A question for death fats who take exercise at a gym:  what is your preferred workout attire?  I'm on a budget so much as I love Junonia's gear it's not doable.  I'm anywhere from a roomy 3x to a 5x.  Do you rec shorts and tshirt, a bike unitard, leggings...? 

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Oh, bother.  I went to Comcast as Cecil instructed but was told they have to ship a new wireless router.  It will likely be Monday before I'm fully functional again.

When I can afford it, I'm just going to buy my own.

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Oh you guys.  I love the summer festival.  watching Ferris Bueller outside in the open air after seeing Nervous but Excited and Strange Fruit perform.  Amazing, brilliant stuff.  <3

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I'm always relieved when I discover that my previous day's feelings of general fail and unattractiveness are explained the following day with the onset of hellacious cramps.  Ouch.

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Well damn.

May. 2nd, 2011 12:39 pm
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Have enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden.  Have covered self in Alfredo sauce.  Need nap.

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I really have enjoyed myself this year.  I think Con friends are like bar friends; you see them in a certain setting a few times a year and they seem familiar but you were likely too wasted to remember anything other than a glowing fondness when you see them again.

some con friends become friend friends, which is awesome.  I love you guys.  :)

Jo has been a peach.  He helped tidy up after my demo and has been good company during the night hours.  I think he's had fun this year taking it easy too.

The car is packed, I've had enough coffee to make me functionably human, and it's time to go browse the dealer room for a suitable souvenir.

Home soon, to cats and a drastic reduction in atmospheric BO.

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Further proof that Jo loves me and wants me to be happy: he brings me cider in bed.

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Apr. 30th, 2011 04:39 pm
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I am loving con this year.  I have taken a much more social approach, and as such instead of running from panel to panel I have done the following:

- hugged people
- talked for hours
- had much hard cider
- repeat

And today I made cheese and the whole experience exceeded my expectations.  So many people showed up they were out in the hall, and I made two batches of cheese for two different audiences since they couldn't all fit into the room at one time.  And I'm pretty sure I wasn't a jackass!  People seemed to enjoy it!  I am pleased!

I will probably be doing at least two sessions next year.  I'm excited!

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