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- Love is complicated because people are complicated. When I cut away the bullshit and remember why I'm loving someone in the first place, it all becomes much easier. It's also easier to remember that I love myself, and I'm quite the ally when push comes to shove. Glad I'm on my side.

- I was reminded again this morning that life is short. It's so easy to lose perspective and forget what is important, however we define it as individuals. Life is short, and it's over before you know it, and I am thankful for the reminder. Big motivation to treasure the people and good things in my life. I don't want to reach an ending only to wish I'd spent my time more wisely, loving more fiercely. Do it now. Now.

- Three day weekends are little pieces of happiness. Considering the two notes above, I plan to make good use of mine and spend time with the people I love most dearly. Well, the ones who are relatively local, anyway.

- I got Kelley a spoon, which was a lovely home-ish thing to do, and she needed it besides.

- I used dry shampoo today and I'm rather fond of it.

- I'm listening to podcasts of varying flavors today (queer, fat, femme, comedy, food) and I keep forgetting I'm not actually talking with people. So I laughed at one point and then apologized for interrupting. Then I turned four shades of red. My coworkers know without a doubt that I am insane.


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