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I have just had this brilliant thought about how some people who appropriate from another culture are similar to some people who are pro-life: they only care about the output of a culture and not the people of the culture itself. Rather like how many pro-life people really love them babbies up until they're out of the womb and need care.

Cultural appropriation is a really difficult and nuanced topic and I really cant even begin to break it down here, but there are two things I came across today that I love.


And this specific part of a comment on that piece:

If you are not part of a culture, but have appointed yourself the guardian of that culture, you have committed the greatest appropriation of all. You've taken that culture as your own, for the purposes of moderating its use. That is a show of power over the culture itself, and implies that the people within the culture need your help. We do not, or we will ask. If you see racism, by all means, say something- but do not take it upon yourself to police all use of culture as racism. These are different-but-related concepts, and the lines get blurred. All I ask is that people make more of an effort to curtail the cultural lording, because you are taking our culture itself away from us, not just our outfits and traditions.


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